1. Could blood-thinners be a lifesaver for Covid-19? Here’s what the science says  Inverse
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  1. Healthy practices for people with diabetes to manage their blood sugar  The Indian Express
  2. Best supplements to lower blood sugar: The health drink that could help manage diabetes  Express
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  1. U.S. could be coronavirus-free by late September, these Singapore scientists say  MarketWatch
  2. US coronavirus pandemic could be over as early as November, predictive model shows  Daily Mail
  3. Coronavirus experts predict date deadly UK pandemic could be over  Daily Star
  4. Scientists walk back prediction that US could be coronavirus-free by fall  New York Post
  5. Scientists predict date coronavirus deaths will stop - but there is a warning  Birmingham Live
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  1. No urinals? Toilets could evolve post-virus  Times of India
  2. Hygiene fears may spell the end for urinals  The Times
  3. Drastic changes needed for public toilets after pandemic, says report  expressandstar.com
  4. Public toilets could get radical redesign to halt Covid-19 - these are the loos of the future  Birmingham Live
  5. Changes ‘needed to keep public toilets safe’ amid pandemic  STV News
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  1. Coronavirus: Police probe three deaths at Skye care home  BBC News
  2. New covid case in Skye activates new contact tracing team  West Highland Free Press
  3. Covid-19: New case on Skye is not linked to care home outbreak  The National
  4. Coronavirus: New case of Covid-19 confirmed on Skye  BBC News
  5. Resident on remote Isle of Skye tests positive for coronavirus not linked to care home deaths  Daily Record
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  1. Reopening during coronavirus: Lessons from the 1918 flu pandemic  Washington Post
  2. Remembering the World War I soldiers who succumbed to the 1918 flu pandemic  cleveland.com
  3. 100 years ago, Philadelphia chose a parade over social distancing during the 1918 Spanish flu – and paid a heavy price  USA TODAY
  4. Reopening too soon: Lessons from the deadly second wave of the 1918 flu pandemic  The Washington Post
  5. How Merced became the Valley’s ‘beacon of hope’ against Spanish Flu a century ago  Merced Sun-Star
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  1. doctors urge parents to get children vaccinated  KEZI 9
  2. Children in care can be vaccinated against parents' wishes  Daily Mail
  3. Councils are wasting court time by taking child anti-vaccination cases to court, senior judges warn  Telegraph.co.uk
  4. Children in care can be immunised against parents' wishes, court rules  The Independent
  5. Children in care can be vaccinated against their parents’ wishes without court order, UK judges rule  RT
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New 20 minute COVID-19 test could 'revolutionise' the UK's return to business  Sky News AustraliaView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Doctors Report Cases Of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome In Young Adults  WJZ
  2. Kids Aren't Spared From the Coronavirus. A New Inflammatory Condition in Children is on the Rise.  Discover Magazine
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  5. How coronavirus and Kawasaki-like disease MIS-C are linked  Los Angeles Times
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  1. State says it will no longer combine antibody testing, COVID-19 testing results  KETKnbc
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  4. Free Covid-19 Testing and Antibody Test Center Opens Up on UWS  westsiderag.com
  5. Local families, health care groups call for more nursing home COVID-19 testing  News 5 Cleveland
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  1. Cannabis is more effective at preventing and treating COVID-19 than hydroxychloroquine  The Next Web
  2. Cannabis could help treat and prevent coronavirus, according to new study  Happy Mag
  3. New Study Suggests That Cannabis Could Help Stop The Spread Of COVID-19  Complex
  4. Aurora Cannabis downgraded by Jefferies as re-rating 'neither justified nor sustainable'  MarketWatch
  5. Study Claims Marijuana Can Help Fight Off COVID-19 Infection  Metal Injection.net
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  1. How to address COVID-19 mental health issues with friends and family  KMTV 3 News Now
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  3. Workers' mental health as vital as physical, economic welfare  SowetanLIVE
  4. COVID-19 Mental Health Effects on Children and Adolescents  Psychology Today
  5. UNLV professor shares method to improve mental health during COVID-19 pandemic  KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas
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  1. Scientists say they’re getting closer to finding a cure for the coronavirus  BGR
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  3. COVID-19 Daily: Speech vs Feces, ACE Inhibitors Protective  Medscape
  4. The immunology of COVID-19: is immune modulation an option for treatment?  The Lancet
  5. Advanced imaging IDs antibody for potential COVID-19 treatment  Health Imaging
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  1. Valley farmers discuss how backed-up meat processing plants are affecting business  WKBN27
  2. Germany's meat industry under fire after COVID-19 outbreaks  DW (English)
  3. This level is pivotal for Beyond Meat as stock benefits from beef processing slowdowns: Trader  CNBC
  4. COVID-19 cases at meat plants jump nearly 40% in seven days  Newstalk
  5. Why are there so many coronavirus infections at meat plants?  The Irish Times
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  1. Coronavirus: Time running out on track and trace, NHS leaders warn  BBC News
  2. UK plans for contact-tracing in doubt as app not ready until June  The Guardian
  3. Testing and tracing: What is the latest?  Barrhead News
  4. 'Time running out' for testing plan before second wave, says top health figure  Winsford Guardian
  5. The government has made a mess of another IT project with the contact trace app? I don’t believe it  The Independent
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  1. Coronavirus: COVIDSafe app discovers first case, Reopening state borders | Nine News Australia  9 News Australia
  2. Health Minister denies states and territories unable to access COVIDSafe data  ZDNet
  3. NSW is unable to use Covidsafe app’s data for contact tracing  The Guardian
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  1. The Spanish flu had a deadly second wave, what should we expect with the coronavirus?  WFMY News 2
  2. How governments reacted after Spanish flu, World Wars still highly relevant  IOL
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  4. Ohio State football: COVID-19 won’t stop the 2020 college football season  Scarlet and Game
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  1. Some Triad facilities are dealing with outbreaks as we look to reopen  WFMY News 2
  2. Public Pools Around PA: Latest Health Guidelines On Openings  Phoenixville, PA Patch
  3. Coronavirus update: Pa. gets federal funds to fight food waste and insecurity  WHYY
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SARS antibodies can prevent Covid-19 infection, new study finds  TimesLIVEView Full coverage on Google News
  1. UK adds loss of smell, taste to COVID-19 symptom list  eNCA
  2. Coronavirus: loss of taste or smell added to official symptoms - BBC News  BBC News
  3. Loss of smell, taste added to UK COVID-19 symptoms list  Anadolu Agency
  4. Loss of taste and smell is added to the United Kingdom's list of Coronavirus related symptoms  Firstpost
  5. Coronavirus: Loss of taste and smell added to official symptoms list  Sky News
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  1. WATCH: British girl diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome after beating coronavirus  IOL
  2. T cells play a role in fighting coronavirus; COVID-19 affects children differently  Reuters
  3. Girl, five, rushed to hospital with Kawasaki disease after recovering from coronavirus  Yahoo Singapore News
  4. Dad of girl, 5, left fighting for life from Kawasaki disease says hospital agony ‘worst situation of our l  The Sun
  5. Girl, 5, stabilizing after battling coronavirus, Kawasaki-like disease: family  Fox News
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  1. Mental Health Awareness Week - your acts of kindness  Imperial College London
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  4. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge support #MentalHealthMinute campaign  harpersbazaar.com
  5. Local band uses music to promote mental health awareness  WRCB Chattanooga
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  1. Why We Might Not Need A Vaccine for COVID-19 | This Morning  This Morning
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  1. Scientist says a coronavirus vaccine in just 12 months is 'fake news' | 60 Minutes Australia  60 Minutes Australia
  2. Did The Oxford Covid Vaccine Work In Monkeys? Not Really  Forbes
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  4. US role in vaccine search under question - Chinadaily.com.cn  Chinadaily USA
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  1. Leading SA health experts warn that Covid-19 response is hurting other health priorities  GroundUp
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  4. 200 million Africans at risk of coronavirus infection, new study finds | AFP  AFP News Agency
  5. Africa will escape a massive death toll from Covid-19 - WHO predicts  Myjoyonline.com
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  1. Trump talk of 'fastest ever' vaccine sheds lights on US coronavirus timeline  Global Times
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  4. British American Tobacco says potential coronavirus vaccine using tobacco leaves ready for human trials  Deccan Herald
  5. Successful vaccines against coronavirus as early as March 2021: Chinese experts  Global Times
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Contact tracing technology piloted by three health boards  STV NewsView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Mystery of prolonged Covid-19 symptoms adds to unknowns  Financial Times
  2. Long-Tail COVID-19 Symptoms: Here's What They Look Like  Heavy.com
  3. An array of symptoms prolonged over weeks - Many patients suffering from 'long tail' form of coronavirus  Times Now
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  1. Girl, 12, survives heart failure tied to Kawasaki-like syndrome believed caused by coronavirus  The Washington Post
  2. Severe Weather Pattern Returns Thursday  KOCO Oklahoma City
  3. Gross growing frustrated after police-involved shooting in Boston  WCVB Boston
  4. A girl survived two heart attacks. Doctors are linking them to coronavirus.  Washington Post
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  1. Coronavirus: more than 12500 care home residents have died, new figures reveal - BBC News  BBC News
  2. Northerners, Diabetics Among Most Vulnerable to Virus in U.K.  Bloomberg
  3. The reality of coronavirus intensive care in Wales - and long road to recovery  Channel 4 News
  4. 12500 UK care home deaths linked to virus  Malay Mail
  5. 148,000 in England infected with coronavirus in last two weeks  The Guardian
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  1. Doctors Warn Parents Of Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome  WJZ
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  1. What a second wave of coronavirus may look like  FOX 2 St. Louis
  2. Places without social distancing have 35 times more potential coronavirus spread, study finds  Fox News
  3. Areas that fail to social distance face 35 times more virus cases, study suggests | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Areas with no social distancing see 35 times the amount of coronavirus spread, study finds  Hot Air
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17 COVID-19 cases linked to house party in Olmsted County  KARE 11View Full coverage on Google News
A New Spray Coating Might Protect Surfaces From COVID  Inside EditionView Full coverage on Google News
UK lockdown causing 'serious mental illness in first-time patients'  The GuardianView Full coverage on Google News
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  2. Arizona doctor reunites with family following COVID-19 diagnosis  Your Valley
  3. Valley doctor makes remarkable recovery after 55 days of COVID-19 treatment  ABC15 Arizona
  4. 'This virus nearly killed me': Chandler doctor survives coronavirus after 55 days in the hospital  AZCentral
  5. Arizona doctor makes remarkable recovery from COVID-19 after last-resort ECMO intervention  FOX 10 News Phoenix
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  1. Estimated speed of coronavirus infections rises over past week in UK  Sky News Australia
  2. Coronavirus: Estimated speed of coronavirus infections rises over past week  Sky News
  3. Coronavirus reproduction rate rises to as high as one in the UK  Daily Record
  4. UK coronavirus infection 'R' rate increases - ITV News  ITV News
  5. Mum has huge regrets over one-year-old daughter's 'Marmite name'  Mirror Online
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  1. Vitamin D deficiency linked to some COVID-19 deaths  CBS 8 San Diego
  2. Study: Vitamin D supplementation a key factor in COVID-19 severity  NutraIngredients.com
  3. Coronavirus Outbreak: An inexplicable link between people with Vitamin D deficiency getting infected with...  Firstpost
  4. Can Vitamin D help ward off coronavirus?  WPXI-TV News Pittsburgh
  5. "Can you get coronavirus from playing tennis?"  WLOS
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  1. Coronavirus update: The latest COVID-19 news for Saturday May 16 | ABC News  ABC News (Australia)
  2. Queensland wakes up to eased restrictions  The Murray Valley Standard
  3. Health authorities on high alert after aged care worker contracts COVID-19  Sky News Australia
  4. More results from nursing centre’s COVID-19 testing  Courier Mail
  5. Rockhampton nurse with coronavirus in close contact with more than 30 people, nursing home in lockdown  ABC News
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  1. Coronavirus may never go away, World Health Organization warns  The Times of Israel
  2. Coronavirus may never be eradicated, says WHO official  Guardian News
  3. WHO officials warn of 'vicious cycle' of economic and health disasters if coronavirus restrictions are lifted too quickly  CNBC
  4. WHO sees 'potentially positive data' in treating coronavirus - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
  5. WHO official cautions that even with vaccine, coronavirus 'may never go away'  Yahoo News
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  1. Coronavirus: Three-day-old baby died after mum's positive test  BBC News
  2. Three-day-old baby dies after mother catches coronavirus  The Guardian
  3. Coronavirus UK: Newborn boy dies after mother caught virus  Daily Mail
  4. Three-day-old baby dies after mum tests positive for coronavirus  Wales Online
  5. Baby aged just three days old dies after his mum tested positive for coronavirus  Mirror Online
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  1. Hard to predict when pandemic will be over, but should stay positive: WHO officials  China.org.cn
  2. Coronavirus outbreak: WHO warns COVID-19 'may never go away' | Watch News Videos Online  Globalnews.ca
  3. World Health Organization sees 'potentially positive data' in treating coronavirus  STLtoday.com
  4. Coronavirus may never go away – WHO  Daily Trust
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  1. Healthcare workers share their concerns as two Netcare hospitals reopen  Daily Maverick
  2. Covid-19: Views from healthcare workers as two Netcare hospitals reopen  Health24
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  1. U.K. railway worker dies of coronavirus after man intentionally spits on her, union says  NBC News
  2. Ticket collector dies with COVID-19 after man claiming to have virus spat on her  Sky News
  3. Coronavirus: Railway worker who died after being spat at 'was forced to go back on concourse after incident'  Yahoo Singapore News
  4. Victoria Station worker's cousin pays tribute after coronavirus death as Piers Morgan blasts 'sick murder'  Evening Standard
  5. British rail worker dies after alleged coronavirus patient spit on her  680 NEWS
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  1. Does HIV infection increase the severity of COVID-19?  News-Medical.Net
  2. 'This is a wake-up call': Aids-related deaths could soar by half a million because of coronavirus  Telegraph.co.uk
  3. AIDS deaths could double in sub-Saharan Africa due to COVID-19: UN  RFI
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